In 2013 I completed my PhD in Visual and Material Culture at Queen’s University. My SSHRC funded dissertation research focussed on the circulation of domestic material culture in early modern Dutch trade networks. Previously I received an MA in Canadian Art History from Concordia University.

I am currently an Instructor and Department Chair in the Art History and Religious Studies Department at Langara. I also teach in the Fine Arts Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU).

Teaching has helped me to clarify my own research and has been an important aspect of my professional development. With a wide range of personal, academic and professional interests, I have taught everything from horseback riding lessons to advanced university courses. From these experiences I have grown passionate about enhancing the learning experience, supporting fellow educators and building connections, opportunities, and partnerships that foster exceptional results.

I am passionate, dynamic and curious in my learning and endeavour to bring these qualities into my teaching. I encourage students to be creative in their research, thoughtful in their questioning, and clear in their expression. My teaching philosophy is innovation based and student centred. It embraces diversity, promotes active learning and encourages critical thinking.

This blog serves to organize my thoughts on teaching, pedagogy, and adult education. It provides a forum for my reflections on what has gone well and how my teaching can be improved. I hope it proves to be as useful for readers as it has been for me!

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