Like minds…


I recently stumbled across a professional group I am intrested in joining. Art Historians Interested in Pedagogy and Technology (AHPT) is a College Art Association and Southeastern College Art Conference affiliated society with the purpose of promoting “knowledge of all aspects of technological applications for the teaching of visual culture. It further proposes to encourage graduate training in this aspect of the teaching of visual culture.” The group’s recent publications include:

Blog Post about Lectures and New Technologies:

Teaching Art History with New Technologies: Reflections and Case Studies, edited by Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Laetitia LaFollett, and Andrea Pappas. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. Available at

Sarah Jarmer Scott, “Wiki-based learning in the Art History survey,” Academic Exchange Quarterly14:1(Spring 2010).

Kelly Donahue-Wallace, “Assessment in Art History,” CAA News 32:5 (2007): pp. 8-12.

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