Five Pieces of Flair

Five ways I can ensure that learners feel my presence in the course site:

  1. Answer the survey myself. Every semester in face to face or online courses I provide students with a survey. The questions range from very practical (what would like to be called, personal pronouns) to more fun (who is your favorite artist?). This semester I include more questions about internet capacity and hardware access. One way I can establish my presence is by answering some of the questions myself.
  2. Respond to their answers. I try to remember what students say in their survey and refer to it when appropriate (and not something sensitive mentioned in confidence).
  3. Participate along side them. For some of the assignments I have created my own examples for them to see.
  4. Create short videos responding to their assignments. I can do this individually or to the class as a whole, commenting on their progress. I am now learning how to use Kaltura more efficiently.
  5. Adapt to their feedback. I think it is important for them to see that I am responsive to their weekly comments.


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