Declaration for LiDA 101

Hi! Alena here! One of my main goals for this blog over the next few weeks is to support my learning in Digital Literacies for Online Learning (#LiDA101). I have used a blog in previous courses I have taken including the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program through Vancouver Community College and more recently their Certificate for Online/eLearning Instruction.

I do enjoy blogging but often find it challenging to fit into my busy schedule. I also really like the activity because like this semester I do typically assign some sort of blog project to my students and it is good for me to be able to do what I am asking them to do!

On to learning more about digital literacies! #LiDA101

One thought on “Declaration for LiDA 101

  1. Hi Alena,

    Welcome to LiDA101 and I see that you successfully registered your blog feed URL. Personally I like the freedom blogging activities provide learners. Learners retain control over the content they generate, but more importantly have the freedom to decide whether to publish openly or work “offline”.

    Hope you enjoy the course!

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