Concordia Flips Out!

Benoit-Antoine Bacon highlighted the CIF applicants’ impressive range of ideas, that encompass everything from a science-focused journalism lab to game-related programming.

Check out how Concordia is flipping classes!

Note the contributions from Art History:

Art History, Art Education, Theatre and History

Course: Right to the City: Post-Industrial Ecologies
Project lead: Cynthia Hammond
Term accepted: Winter 2015
The Innovation: “The teaching challenge we wish to meet is to help students learn in place, from a place, and with its residents and social organizations — in this case, in Montreal’s south-west post-industrial neighbourhoods. Our design challenge, as educators, is to find ways to encourage students’ participation in what sociologist Henri Lefebvre famously termed the ‘right to the city,’ by which he meant the power to change the city, to render it more inclusive, responsive, and respectful.”

Course: HIST387 – Museums & Heritage in a Globalized World
Course: ARTH615 – Postcolonial and Indigenous Theories and Methodologies for Art History in North America
Project lead: Erica Lehrer and Heather Igloliorte
Term accepted: Winter 2015
The innovation: Lehrer:Our proposal is innovative in particular with respect to bridging student learning experiences across a variety of boundaries — including individual and group learning; theory and practice (or critique and creation); academy and community; aesthetic appreciation of material culture and cultural critique; undergraduate and graduate levels; Anthropology and Art History.”

Nice work Cynthia and Heather!

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