My Top Ten Student Engagement Techniques


Inspired by Elizabeth F. Barkley’s Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty I have drafted a list of the ten I am going to incorporate in my classes next semester:

1) Artifacts – Present a physical object that represents key ideas to prompt observation and discussion.

2) Focused Reading – Identify 3-5 themes or concepts for students to look for in an assigned text.

3) Quotes – Distribute slips of paper with quotes for students to consider then discus.

4) Seminar – Students prepare for an in-depth, focused discussion of a topic in small groups.

5) Classify – Distribute items (specimens, images, objects) for students to classify and explain their categorization.

6) Academic Controversy – Students partner up to argue for and against two sides of a controversial topic.

7) Split Room Debate – Present a topic or case study then divide students to argue each side, moving about the room according to their opinion.

8) Team Concept Maps – Teams of students draw diagrams of ideas or concepts.

9) Letter – Students assume the identity of a key figure and write a letter explaining their contribution, theory, or significance.

10) In Class Portfolio – In small groups students organize notes, assignments, reflections, etc. into portfolios for submission.

2 thoughts on “My Top Ten Student Engagement Techniques

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